Price, Norman: Romantic Ink Illustration

Price, Norman: Romantic Ink Illustration

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Norman M. Price (1877-1951)

Embrace by horse on battlefield.

Magazine story illustration: “Operator 13”, author: Robert W. Chambers, Liberty Magazine, part 12 “End of the World”, 1931;

Pen & ink, 9 x 12.5" signed lower right. Overall in very good condition; matted but not framed.

The handwritten caption reads, “Then her lover took her into his arms; and the long pent tears began to choke her.”

Price's reputation rests largely upon his intricately authentic interpretations of Robert W. Chambers's later historical romance novels, often featuring intelligent and plucky heroines. ‘Operator 13’ was a female Civil War spy. Chambers started out as an artist himself, but focused on writing after his first success, the stories collected as “The King in Yellow”. Illustrators appreciated his highly visualizable storytelling, and “Operator 13” was also made into a Hollywood movie.


(Entry and authentication by Roger T. Reed)