43. Jessie Gillespie

43. Jessie Gillespie

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Jessie Gillespie (1888-1972)

Five silhouetted ladies’ heads.

“They toil not, neither do they spin”

Illustration, Life magazine, ca. 1910;

Pen & ink, gouache, 4.5 x 18" signed lower left. [Yes, the artist misspelled her own name.]

Condition: Several pinholes; minor stains lower left corner. Archivally matted, and in a simple black-painted frame.

The artist is satirizing the notion that women's purpose is to be attractive, and is underscoring the analogy between the attraction of flowers and the decorativeness of hats, especially at Easter, when both tend to be displayed at full strength. The Biblical passage (from Matthew 6:25–34) refers to the ladies’ lack of vocation, but is ironic, since the passage is about not spending money on adornment.

(Entry and authentication by Roger T. Reed)