25. Peter Arno (attributed to)

25. Peter Arno (attributed to)

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Peter Arno (1904-1968) — attributed to;

Whoops Sisters waving to each other from towers.

Unpublished magazine cover, ca. 1932;

Ink and watercolor, 17 x 12.25" not signed. Condition is good, though the lower section of the picture has been cut out. Light toning with age; matted and framed in narrow satined-wood moulding.

In the early days of the New Yorker magazine, Arno invented these rowdy party-crashing characters, the Whoops Sisters, who enjoyed committing faux-pas. These two look like them, but other artists were drawing them for newspaper features by 1930. I'm dating this to 1932, when the race between the Empire State and the Chrysler skyscrapers was just completed.

(Entry by Roger T. Reed)