Q: Is this all you have for sale?
A: No, we have numerous other works that can be seen in person. We will be adding more works to the online offerings, over time, and there will be occasional special exhibit/sales offered online that can be seen under the Exhibitions menu.

Q: What is your current location and what are your hours?
A: We are located in the NoMad neighborhood of New York City at 34 West 27th Street, Suite 302, New York, NY 10001. We are open by appointment-only at our New York City location. 

We are opening a popup gallery in Manchester, Vermont on June 23, 2018 with the intention of establishing a long-term presence in East Arlington, Vermont. However, we expect to maintain our New York City location.

Q: Are you holding auctions anymore?
A: We may hold auctions in the future, but we do not currently have any scheduled.

Q: How do we find out about these artists?
A: All of the artists whose works we offer are in the literature. Helpful references are Walt Reed's The Illustrator in America, and in Doyle-Grove-Sherman's new textbook History of Illustration. Wikipedia and AskArt often have acceptable biographies. 

Q: Do you issue certificates of authenticity?
A: On request, yes, though our invoices themselves serve that legal purpose. 

Q: Does Illustration House have any connections with:
— The Society of Illustrators in New York?
A: Roger Reed serves on committees but there is no formal relationship between Illustration House and The Society of Illustrators in New York.

— The House of Illustration?
A: No, Illustration House and The House of Illustration are entirely unrelated entities.

— Taraba Illustration Art?
A: Taraba Illustration Art is a separate business entity from Illustration House. For sixteen years he was the Director of Illustration House.